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An Afghan-Doberman-Bernese Mountain dog mix with a tad of cocker (Joe Cocker maybe), this remarkable pup, one of 4 siblings, was adopted by Betsy per chance at the tender age of 3 months. An extraordinary gentleness, easy going nature, keen intelligence with a playful goofiness and sense of humor, a compassionate and stoic ‘old soul’, best describes Sinbad’s personality. Betsy still doubts he knew he was a dog.

Moving back to Los Angeles from New York City in 1998, Sinbad became Betsy’s muse and inspiration after the attacks on 9/11. Betsy, wanting to ‘do something’ and already working closely with the CA State Firefighters on a safety campaign, created a comic series featuring a cartoon version of Sinbad, learning from other ‘working’ canines what to do in an emergency. These comics, featuring Sinbad as the CA State Firefighter’s new mascot, were soon featured in their magazine and website and ‘Paw Patrol 24/7' was born.

The NY Ad Council spotted these and landed Betsy a job with the Dept. of Homeland Security, creating their ‘Ready Kids’ program.

Trained as a certified ’ Therapy Dog’, this goofy schmoozer, this ‘Fabio’ of canines, was a natural and accompanied Betsy virtually everywhere.

Quick to learn the usual tricks as well as ‘the stop, drop & roll’, Betsy saw a ‘ham’ in this dog who loved to pose, whether on ships in San Francisco, rocking out playing music or on countless photo shoots. Before long he was winning local ‘Mutt Shows’, launched his first Disney Channel commercial, and was photographed for 3 ‘Mutt’ books. Then Betsy saw an event she just couldn’t pass up, ‘The Great American Mutt Show’, being held in New York City! So first class it was, where they found themselves in Central Park, and judged by the famed photographer William Wegman, Sinbad beat out hundreds of remarkable mutts, winning the ‘What Am I’ category. This landed Betsy & Sinbad a spot on ‘Good Morning America’, the Caroline Rhea Show and a chance to sit down with the NYC Firefighters to discuss how they might expand the existing “Paw Patrol’ campaign. Back home, the campaign flourished and life went on. In 2009, Betsy was soon invited to work in Montreal for the famed Cirque Du Soleil, and with Sinbad by her side, (soon bark-lingual), enjoyed the company of many Canadian French canines.

Then, in January 2010, the unimaginable happened and Sinbad was diagnosed at Stage 4 Lymphoma. Betsy was devastated, but Sinbad was a fighter and over the next 6 months, with a weekly 6 hour drive to the renowned UC Davis Veterinary School, and 30 weeks of chemotherapy, he miraculously went into full remission for another 5 months.  But miracles are sometimes short-lived and Sinbad relapsed 2 days before Christmas. He rallied to fight another 5 weeks, before cancer finally won the battle and he passed peacefully in Betsy’s arms, February 8th, 2011.


You have taught me to view the world in a far different way. Through your eyes, I have learned curiosity and to appreciate even the smallest of things in our world: a leaf, a bug, a crumb and any creature that came your way. Through your heart I have learned compassion and how to love unconditionally. Through your soul, I have seen courage, and an indomitable spirit that fought so hard, giving everything inside for something you love. Through your gentle, quiet demeanor, I have learned wisdom and forgiveness. Through your goofiness, kangaroo hops & frenzied barks, I have learned boundless joy at seeing you run towards me when I enter the house. Through your slow, deep sighs, I have learned profound patience. As you lean up against my body, your head resting gently in my lap, your penetrating gaze never faltering from my own, I have learned to appreciate this last moment and to know you will be in my heart and by my side forever. I will miss you so much......my beautiful Sinbad.